Atx Power Supply Wiring Diagram

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Top Atx Power Supply Wiring Diagram Computer Power Supply Wiring Diagram Diagrams Schematics For Pc

Top Atx Power Supply Wiring Diagram Computer Power Supply Wiring Diagram Diagrams Schematics For Pc

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Somebody pushes the strength button on pc. Motherboard good judgment put to floor enter pin ps-on. Transistor q10 closes and subsequent q1 closes. Capacitor c15 starts his charging thru r15 and on the pin 4 ic1 begins lower voltage to zero way to r17. Because of this voltage is most pulse-width continuosly improved and primary energy supply smoothly is going run.

Line voltage is going thru input filter circuit (c1, r1, t1, c4, t5) to the bridge rectifier. When voltage is switched from 230v to 115v, then rectifier works like a doubler. Varistors z1 and z2 have overvoltage protect feature on the road input. Thermistor ntcr1 limits input contemporary till capacitors c5 and c6 are charged. R2 and r3 are most effective for discharge capacitors after disconnecting strength supply. While power deliver is attached to the road voltage, then at the start are charged capacitors c5 and c6 together for about 300v. Then take a run secondary power supply managed by way of transistor q12 and on his output might be voltage. Behind the voltage regulator ic3 may be voltage 5v, which is going in to the motherboard and it is essential for turn-on common sense and for "wake on some thing" features. Subsequent unstabilized voltage goes via diode d30 to the main manipulate chip ic1 and manage transistors q3 and this fall. Whilst fundamental electricity deliver is jogging, then this voltage is going from 12v output thru diode d.

In stand-by using mode is primary energy deliver blocked with the aid of positive voltage at the ps-on pin thru resistor r23 from secondary electricity deliver. Due to this voltage is opened transistor q10, which opens q1, which applies reference voltage 5v from pin 14 io1 to pin 4 io1. Switched circuit is totally blocked. Tranzistors q3 and this fall are each opened and brief-circuit winding of auxiliary transformer t2. Because of brief-circuit is not any voltage at the strength circuit. By voltage on pin four we will force most pulse-width at the io1 output. Zero voltage manner the best pulse-width. 5v way that pulse disappear.

In a normal operation is power deliver managed by means of ic1. When transistors q1 and q2 are closed, then q3 and q4 are opened. Whilst we want to open one from electricity transistors (q1, q2), then we should near his thrilling transistor (q3, q4). Current goes via r46 and d14 and one winding t2. This present day excite voltage on base of power transistor and due to superb comments transistor goes speedy to saturation. When the impulse is finished, then both interesting transistors goes to open. Tremendous feedback dissapears and overshoot at the exciting winding quick closes energy transistor. After it's miles manner repetead with second transistor. Transistors q1 and q2 alternately connects one quit of primary winding to high quality or bad voltage. Energy branch is going from emitor of q1 (collector q2) thru the 0.33 winding of thrilling transformer t2. Next throug primary winding of major transformer t3 and capacitor c7 to the virtual middle of supply voltage.

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