Recon Tailgate Light Bar Wiring Diagram

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Newest Recon Tailgate Light Bar Wiring Diagram How To Hardwire An LED Tailgate Light Bar

Newest Recon Tailgate Light Bar Wiring Diagram How To Hardwire An LED Tailgate Light Bar

Recon tailgate light bar wiring diagram - The first step to the bar installation became arguably the easiest. Matt pulled the backing off the 3m tape, lined the bar up so it turned into targeted in the jamb of our tailgate, and positioned it on the truck.

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There has yet to be a assignment truck right here at stage three motorsports that hasn't been graced by means of the chocolates our buddies over at recon lighting manufacture with gusto. While our 2012 f150 ecoboost fx4 received headlights from someplace else, and our plans for the back lights and third brake mild are currently up in the air, we did grab us one in every of recon's 60" xtreme led tailgate light bars. Now, we have positioned recon's wellknown 60" bar on numerous of our vans, but this xtreme bar is a whole one-of-a-kind animal. Every recon xtreme tailgate bar functions red walking lighting fixtures and white reverse lighting, but additionally comes with scanning amber flip sign leds that appearance totally tremendous while you throw on your truck's blinker. While all that sounded quite terrific on paper, we wanted to get any such terrible boys on a truck to see it in action for ourselves.

Seeing that we needed to juggle digicam equipment for this little adventure, we grabbed our recon xtreme bar and headed all the way down to our buddies over at dyno-comp for the actual installation. Well, we were actually down their for a quarter raise package installation and managed to discover some time whilst the wheels and tires were being balanced, but hello. Anyhow, matt turned into going to help us out and get our xtreme bar up and running.

With the mild bar centered and installed, it become time for the wiring. The mild bar comes with units of wiring. One set is just a pair of leads (the red and white wires). The white twine wishes to hook into the taillight's opposite bulb wiring, whilst the red cord needs a 12v electricity source. The second one set has a black, inline relay and a plug-and-play 3-prong connector for hooking into the trailer wiring connector.

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