Honeywell Econoswitch Rpls740B Wiring Diagram

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Newest Honeywell Econoswitch Rpls740B Wiring Diagram Installing A Timer Honeywell Econoswitch RPLS740B

Newest Honeywell Econoswitch Rpls740B Wiring Diagram Installing A Timer Honeywell Econoswitch RPLS740B

Installing a timer Honeywell Econoswitch RPLS740B - You said: the old timer became connected to a black coming from the top and a crimson and white coming from the bottom proper. Is the light controlled via this switch and another transfer together? 3 way switches?. Here is the honeywell description on the timer: the honeywell econoswitch 7-day sun programmable wall switch can help save cash by means of making sure that your lights come on best while you need them. The glossy layout mounts flush with preferred ornamental wall plate (now not included). There are 3 operating modes: manual (traditional on and stale transfer), automated, and random. There are up to 7 applications (7 on and off) according to week. A program can practice to a single day or repeat each day. The relationship is a unmarried pole three-wire (line, load, impartial 1800-watt most, 3/4-horsepower at one hundred twenty-volt). It regarded that manner, but needed to make certain. What you have got on the brand new honeywell rpls740b is a unmarried pole timer switch. It isn't made to install in a 3 way scenario. It's far for 1 area operation and no different switches. That is why the issue. You want a one of a kind timer all collectively. Here's a honeywell 3 manner switch timer. I’m seeking to installation a honeywell econoswitch rpls740b timer transfer. There has been an vintage timer inside the vicinity of this one. The vintage timer had one pink, one black and one blue. The new timer has one black, one blue and one white. The box has a transfer to the left, which work fine ( black and one red). The vintage timer become connected to a black coming from the pinnacle and a pink and white coming from the bottom proper. Whites (one coming from the top and the other from the lowest right) had been nutted collectively. With the new timer transfer, it recommends the white at the transfer nutted with the alternative whites. If i do that, i can be left with a further red. In this situation, there's no electricity to the switch. If i hook up two blacks and one purple to the new transfer it buzzes nonstop, although it lighting fixtures up. It does not paintings well.

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