Lipo Balance Plug Wiring Diagram

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Latest Lipo Balance Plug Wiring Diagram Make A 1S LiPo Batteries Charging Cable | IntoFPV Forum

Latest Lipo Balance Plug Wiring Diagram Make A 1S LiPo Batteries Charging Cable | IntoFPV Forum

Lipo balance plug wiring diagram - In case you twine the charge connector without delay across the red and black wires at the 6s stability connector, you don’t want to connect the power connectors on the packs at all and there’s no chance of frying anything. Hello, i am new to this forum as of the day gone by. I am constructing an e board and will be the usage of 3 - 2s lipo batteries wired in series to electricity the board. I have a traxxas battery charger in an effort to fee up to 6s lipo. My question is a way to construct a stability harness in order that i'm able to hook up with my charger so i will charge as one 6s battery. I need to make charging and balancing as easy as possible. Please see my diagram (attached) and fill in the blanks in case you understand how. I made a few balancing harnesses nowadays to fee 2 x 3s packs in series on my 6s charger. However once i join them i get sparks. For the existence of me, i cannot discover what i’m doing incorrect. Can someone please appearance over my schematic, have i gotten some thing wrong ? 1000x710 23.2 kb. The inexperienced orange and blue strains are all the same node. The lengthy inexperienced link that you have made with your y cable is logically the same as the fast inexperienced line i've drawn. You may see this now suits the hyperlinks between every of all of the different cells. Every cellular “link” has 1 stability lead going to the jst connector. In this example i've drawn it in orange. The purple stability lead (i have drawn in blue) is superfluous. Also by removing the purple wire from you stability lead helps eliminate confusion approximately plugging which in where and generating shorts. The stability lead with the ve red cord really connects to the p.C. With the thick red price cord.

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The orange twine to your diagram is hooked up to the black lead that is connected between the ve and -ve of the cells exactly the same as every other balance lead. When you connect the cells in series as you have got the high quality lead of the first ?comes the bad of the second one percent. @trbt555 don’t neglect to re-publish your schematic once you get all of it worked out when you have any revisions. This is very good statistics and i’m certain a number of human beings are interested in it. I truly am. Lesson learned: the wiring of the charging leads and the wiring of the stability leads need to healthy every other otherwise you’ll have fireworks. Fortunately the handiest thing i broken have been the pins of the stability lead connectors.

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