Dune Buggy Wiring Harness Diagram

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Latest Dune Buggy Wiring Harness Diagram EMPI_9466_Wiring_Diagram_1.Jpg

Latest Dune Buggy Wiring Harness Diagram EMPI_9466_Wiring_Diagram_1.Jpg

EMPI_9466_Wiring_Diagram_1.jpg - Hiya i bought the spd-ct660b9 from you and need to recognise a way to hook up the on off switch to the brand new controller. ?there are unique plugs from the authentic pace controller than the new one and want to make certain i understand which plug to buy. ?please see photograph and let me understand what is the exceptional manner to get new speed controller established to the on/off switch and if any other components are needed to make sure i will get this overvolted and prepared to go. Vw dune buggy wiring diagram - vw dune buggy wiring harness diagram flip sign switch cool at vw dune buggy twine harness wiring diagrams and diagram vw tech article 1968 69 wiring diagram with vw dune buggy manx club at vw dune buggy wiring diagram manx club arresting vw dune buggy wiring diagram floralfrocks and vintagebus com inside vw dune buggy wiring diagram gooddy org pleasant of vw dune buggy wiring diagram radiantmoons me with vw dune buggy wiring diagram floralfrocks and kwikpik me at dune buggy wiring diagram on pictures free download for vw with dune buggy wiring schematic google search 69 bug or internal vw diagram and this part of air cooled vw dune buggy wiring diagram, free vw dune buggy wiring diagrams, easy vw dune buggy wiring diagram, vw dune buggy electrical wiring diagram, vw dune buggy wiring diagram, wiring diagram for vw dune buggy. Good day, so i have everything not installation but some hiccups as i blew a fuse on the important thing switch connector and manifestly it changed into because of wiring not being set up nicely. ?i've swapped the energy switch wires nicely and looking on the wiring harness on the new speed controller and the existing harness on the dune buggy, the wire colorings don't fit up as there is no "orange color wire" as indicated on your diagram. ?i anticipate that the orange will be the brown wire that i have on the razor harness - correct? ?also, i have a blue wire on every of the brand new harness and the razor cord harness so are the blue wires speculated to suit up then? ?i've connected the modern twine harness so that you can see the colors i am referencing, i simply need to make sure these line up nicely earlier than trying again. ?thanks in your help.

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If i am overvolting this with the third battery, what do i do with the fuse this is currently installed to the 2 batteries? ?do i need the fuse and in that case, how do i hook up and what amp fuse is wanted?. I'm looking the way to convert the existing electricity switch connection to the brand new controller as the plugs are one-of-a-kind, is there a connector i need or do i simply cut and reconnect the antique male/female prong portions?. To put in these connectors both requires soldering the wires onto their terminals, or the use of a unique solderless crimping tool designed especially for those connectors which is to be had at the lowest of the page that the white connectors are bought on.

Both strategies paintings similarly properly however there is a bonus to using connectors due to the fact then if the controller ever needs to get replaced within the destiny it could be executed very easily by means of unplugging the antique controller and plugging inside the new one in.

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