Ford Ranger Starter Wiring Diagram

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Good Ford Ranger Starter Wiring Diagram 2007 Ford Ranger Wiring Diagram Canopi Me For - Roc-Grp.Org

Good Ford Ranger Starter Wiring Diagram 2007 Ford Ranger Wiring Diagram Canopi Me For - Roc-Grp.Org

Ford ranger starter wiring diagram - 2000 ranger 4 cylinder,2.5l manual 2wd. Starter went out, changed with a new one via autozone , the starter spins but will n8t interact. Bench tested on car bendex does now not plunge. Took it to autozone watch them check it bendex plunged. They hookup the nice to positve and floor to frame of starter and a 3rd twine to a small screw next to the negative(i was informed it's far the relay faucet) problem is i do now not have a twine that went to the vintage starter didnt actually have this new little screw subsequent to the terrible bolt. Facet note the image suggests the teo cables , neg and positve, the positve became damaged taking it off and i changed connector changed into like lighting bolt shape that went donw beyound the bolt that held it. Is this a conector that grounds to the bolt and to the lowest or the top in the starter housing. Battery reads 12.Nine volt and i get 12.Nine volts on the starter. That sixty four$. Next day identical component, banged on the brand new idle air and it begins(me scratching my head) shouldnt have some thing to do with it. From there onfor a couole days i began checking relays(all top) cleaned ignition switch, new bat terminals, any ground bolted to border sanded and wiped clean, tried to get to neutral begin protection switch(relay clicks when engaged so im pretty certain it works), took dash aside to get right of entry to ignition module,(84$ to replace, didnt replace seeing how i used to be getting strength on key turns) very last brokedown andbought new starter. Put it in, not anything, broke down bought a multireader, tested battery changed into getting eleven.37 volts(i recognize no longer sufficient for starter) charged battery to twelve.Nine volts, checked the altinator (i replaced it 5 years ago) found a cord not seated fully in its plug(constant that to resolve low bat voltage) finaly positioned charged bat in i am getting the starter spinning but no longer engaging, took starter out checked flywheel, looks accurate no lacking teeth or broken spots. Circled flywheel for properly measure, tried again , identical result. Took starter lower back to autozone and repeat from my original query. So there is a floor strap from lower back of engine to firewall that i ought to faucet or wouldn't it be easier to simply bridge the 2 floor connections on the siliniod, there best like 1/8 in aside from every other (massive ground bolt and small bolt , superb is on top then floor then next to floor small bolt) in that case what gauge should be used. We're going to get to the lowest of it. First my circuit diagram for the ranger indicates that you are accurate to most effective have the 2 wires. The original starter likely had extra metallic and the case furnished the grounding connection. The new ones use greater plastic and need an outside cord. In keeping with my circuit the starter will ground through the block. The 2 wires are hot. The bigger gauge cord can be the supply from the battery (hot all of the time) and the smaller one could be the crank signal from the starter relay. The small greater terminal will need to be grounded to the motor or starter. Here is the circuit '01 is the same as '00.

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