Bait Boat Wiring Diagram

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Good Bait Boat Wiring Diagram Collection Bait Boat Wiring Diagram TFG Patriot Modifications

Good Bait Boat Wiring Diagram Collection Bait Boat Wiring Diagram TFG Patriot Modifications

Bait boat wiring diagram - Having sorted the bait dropping, the subsequent job was the electronics. The plan turned into simple, rip everything out an replace it all. First off i purchased a 2.4ghz improve package  for my old recognition 6 transmitter, alongside with an eight channel receiver. The improve turned into easy, i simply has to cast off the unique tx board and hook up the brand new one. While i was at it, i changed the pinnacle channel 6 pot for a toggle switch to perform the bait dropper. This nevertheless left me with every other switched channel which i desired to apply to remotely turn on the headlight.

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I grabbed the tfg patriot (also referred to as the orca2 pondskater) from ebay closing 12 months. I genuinely appreciated the overall layout however particularly the bait dropping mechanism, its absolutely extraordinary to the everyday hopper style.

First issue i noticed become the rear door and paddle had been glued collectively because the plastic bead prevent/arm had been snapped off. The first photograph below is what it should have looked like. The authentic design is pretty simple, the servo is connected to the lower back door latch via a cable, on this cable just beneath the white arm of the bait paddle is a bead. The primary few mm of movement at the wire unlatches the back door. When the bead hits the arm the paddle rotates,opens the door and scoops out the bait.

The second photo is the new hinge pin (courtesy of marks version bits) with a small eye that screws into it, this might be stronger than the unique plastic arm and has the brought advantage of stopping the hinge pin from sliding out if the boat is laid on its side. Inside the 0.33 picture underneath you may see the brand new eye in region with the bead simply under it.?in the end we have the upgraded top servo which controls the door and bait paddle. The twine is 100lb trace cord and i have without a doubt crimped a loop, after which attached to each the servo and backside latch with small split earrings.

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