Refrigerator Thermostat Wiring Diagram

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Favorite Refrigerator Thermostat Wiring Diagram New Build Electronics Newb Diagram Help - Fridge-Build - BrewPi

Favorite Refrigerator Thermostat Wiring Diagram New Build Electronics Newb Diagram Help - Fridge-Build - BrewPi

New Build Electronics Newb Diagram Help - fridge-build - BrewPi - In the refrigerator hacking guide terminals three and four of the two ssrs are labelled as floor and manage respectively. So i'm guessing which means these two wires are connected to the brewpi spark through the digital outputs? If that is the case how exactly are these grounded? Since the spark board is powered through usb from the raspberry b and that during flip best has a stay and impartial energy deliver, how ought to this be grounded?. The temp probes also have a ground twine and doesn’t the same apply to them as properly? As a substitute need to i connect the ground wires at the temp probes inside the fridge to the green twine from the refrigerator thermostat which is grounded at the steel body of the refrigerator? (See image below of indoors refrigerator thermostat wiring). In picture d below you'll see the neutral white twine popping out of the p.C relay, which goes into the again of the connector field in photograph c (not seen inside the photograph) into the refrigerator, lower back out of the fridge (nevertheless white) to the connector which meets the white impartial wire of the wall plug twine at the bottom of picture c. I’ve indicated this “detour” at the bottom of my proposed wiring diagram with a circle round a “??? as i don’t recognize wherein this white wire is going and for what reason. Is it reasonable to attach this white cord after the “detour” to the the neutral wire coming out of the heating element just earlier than returning to the wall plug? Anybody have any thoughts what it is probably?. Picture c - here you could see the blue wire from the thermostat going to what i think is the overload protector after which to the compressor, which then comes out of the p.C relay white. 640x640 151 kb. Image b - below you can see the wall black plug twine (stay black and neutral white and floor inexperienced) coming up from the lowest of the photo to the connector that results in the interior refrigerator thermostat (live black, impartial red). Here the crimson wire (sheathed in white) coming from the thermostat modifications to blue after and leads to the compressor.

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