Sanxin Cdi Wiring Diagram

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Expert Sanxin Cdi Wiring Diagram 250] Zongshen Wired Diagram

Expert Sanxin Cdi Wiring Diagram 250] Zongshen Wired Diagram

Sanxin cdi wiring diagram - I have a yg6 150cc pass cart with no spark i replaced coil,stator,cdi starter relay,new battery have electricity as much as key ignition however whilst you turn key to begin nothing occurs have lights starters appropriate my cdi box has 6 pins however my connector has 5 wires which hole need to the two plug wire pass there is only one wire however 2 pins. Gostaria de saber o que é o dci duma yamaha 50 e quanto poderia custar e a minha mota vai abaixo ,será por não ter bateria? Que me possam esclarecer porque acho que o mecanico brinca por ser mulher. I have the identical problem as mike arnold. As soon because the motor begins to turn over, i've fireplace on the plug. Perhaps 2 or three sparks and then no fire till i switch off the key, at which factor i am getting 2 or three more sparks. I’m baffled approximately this issue?!?? Any ideas?. Ignition structures that use a “dc” powered ignition field are pretty uncommon. ?even so, we get a variety of questions on a way to troubleshoot them. ? we hope you’ll find our diagram treasured to your repair efforts!. The bolt,hex.,6x8 is the most inexpensive object from this partsfiche. Parts such as the cord harness/ ignition coil/battery: washing machine, spring, 5 mm, rectifier comp.,R, clip a,wire harn., Cap assy noise su are covered within the cg125 1995 (s) england wire harness/ ignition coil/battery parts fiche. The cg125 1995 (s) england wire harness/ ignition coil/battery includes twenty-three pieces with the rectifier comp.,R being the most high priced.

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Has no spark i've bout a brand new stator coil and modual i've read a number of the diagrams and attempted to check the voltage it has a 8 winding stator and only indicates to have .2 ac volt any help would be greatful thanks mike. Having hassle with dc cdi blue and white wire plugged in don’t have another wire for black and pink to plug in on major wiring harness changed cdi unit getting pulse on stator wires but nevertheless no spark inherited this buggy don’t have wiring diagram.

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