Samsung Headphone Wire Diagram

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Detail Samsung Headphone Wire Diagram Final Soultion: Why Most HEADSETS WON'T WORK - Android Forums At

Detail Samsung Headphone Wire Diagram Final Soultion: Why Most HEADSETS WON'T WORK - Android Forums At

Detail Samsung Headphone Wire Diagram Final Soultion: Why Most HEADSETS WON'T WORK - Android Forums At - Good day men take into account the ones vintage days(and new days too..), Maximum people had a nokia handset( i by no means had used one from multimedia days, i hate nokia multimedia sets,and i am partial to sony ericsson, but of route i love nokia's monochrome handsets,coz they come handy as a backup set!) Earlier than theses android telephones came to us.. So of path we do have a headset ( some actually have in ear too like wh205 or so) which we do positioned a side coz its not being useful to the proprietors of htc or samsung customers..( Do not know if it works for different android gadgets). Right here starts my story.. I have been in search of a headset with mic for my hd2, i lost my htc and samsung headsets coz its cables brick in such a way that i cant fix it any extra( already had constant it lot of instances.. Oh lol my loopy sleep with headsets on make it broke all the time..). So i want a very good pair of headsets( i already had lots of song only headsets from sony, jbl,and so forth..) With mic,my wishes are- it need to have a terrific satisfactory cable,good 3.5mm jack, properly mic,and of route descent track nice. After lengthy seek i fall into nokia headsets . Its almost good for enough and satisfies my wishes.. So first time in my lifestyles i bought a nokia accessory ,a wh205 headset ( value me 350 inr from nokia showroom , nearly 7 usd), properly i checked it in my friends nokias.. Its suitable.( Almost.., Really worth the fee of route. Consider me, a long way better than default htc or samsung headsets ). But there exists a hassle, this isn't always like minded with htc or samsung( fck lol!!!!) So most effective after an hour of buy( 6months warranty continues to be there) i dismantled it, opened the mic box, and find out the pin factors of the jack and recognized the wires of l ,r ,l-,r-,m ,m- using my multimeter and rewired( resoldered) them in keeping with this wiring diagram . Re equipped the whole thing cautiously ( way to nokia, they use simplest locks and no longer glue to join parts, hence i can refit each factor perfectly) as how its made! Not even a scratch!( Used a small needle and sharp cutter blade with extreme care to open it... Lol i want the assurance anyhow he he...) . And checked in my hd2 with tune,calls,music controls( unmarried button manipulate), every factor is pleasant, and the music is perfect, a lil low treble , medium bass but respectable warm mids( whilst as compared to my devoted track handiest headsets.. However its ideal heaven for a lazy listener. And is better than htc or samsung's in ears that comes with telephones ( lol don't examine with beats or different top rate packs..). It took me most effective five min to do all, its worth loads. So if u aren't an audiophile ( or i don't think audiophile rates include mic, do they??) U should move for this mod, its well worth it. Fact:- wh205 is the basic in ear from nokia, and i might say it beats other headsets around 10-20 usd in its community. I haven't modified any aspect from the circuit ,simply rewired it, that does the trick..I'm able to upload a few pix of wiring if someone desires it the above % is the original one. Wiring to pin stop:- right- crimson twine right floor - purple blue cord left ground - blue cord left - green twine mic - white wire mic - - copper twine wiring to speaker end:- left - inexperienced cord proper - crimson cord left - - copper wire proper - - blue wire. And this is the modified one wiring to pin give up:- right - red wire left - inexperienced wire mic - copper twine( formerly it turned into mic- cord) left ground - no connection( simply dont connect the blue cord to any component) right ground & mic - - quick circuit the proper ground( marked as gr on pcb) and the mic - ( marked as m- on pcb) and hook up with the white cord( previously it was mic twine). Finally you may get a spare twine , the blue crimson wire ( formerly it turned into right floor cord ) , it will likely be connected to not anything. Ie. There might be two wires in overall ( blue and crimson blue) which does now not connect to any factors. Wiring to speaker end:- left - green proper - pink left - & right - - quick circuit both factors and connect it to copper & blue wires ( formerly both served as grounds to respective channels) nb :- i can provide u a small audio tip, the headphone speakers can paintings in both polarities , ie , if u swapped there respective nice and negatives , it will likely be good enough. But if u have swapped any person channel's terrible and fine even as retaining the alternative channel's in its authentic role , it could result in decreasing the volume( google for purpose , i m too lazy to type the truth at the back of it from my xda app ) that is major. So deal with polarity. Thank you showlyshah.. Despatched from my nexushd2 the use of xda premium. Guy - this is exquisite!!! Precisely what i used to be seeking out weeks. Thanks introduced of path there's one distinction - on comparable samsung hfs are not present "prev" and "next" and they are marked as "vol " and "vol -" - do you watched equal as i that they may be stressed equal? I'm going to build this for my galaxy be aware ii. Hate bt hfs motive of their battery intake and no longer easy maintenace at all. Just want to buy 4pin jack motive all components already have (digital and hw geek ). Btw.: Do you understand if there had been any reductors with those buttons and that has a 3,five mm jack for custom headphones?.

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