Potential Transformer Wiring Diagram

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Complete Potential Transformer Wiring Diagram Using Potential Transformers – Continental Control Systems, LLC

Complete Potential Transformer Wiring Diagram Using Potential Transformers – Continental Control Systems, LLC

Complete potential transformer wiring diagram - Ccs supplies the wattnode meter rated as much as 600 vac and modern transformers rated to be used on circuits up to 600 vac. Ccs does not supply capability transformers, fuses, or cts rated for use on medium voltage circuits, so that you will want to find different suppliers for those additives. Continental control structures does now not promote cts rated for use over six hundred vac, so ratio cts rated for five kv or better ought to be used. Those cts output five amps at their full scale rated current. As an instance, the secondary winding of a 500:5 ratio cts will output 5 amps whilst 500 amps flows thru the ct’s primary, that is the conductor being measured. The 5 amp output of the ratio ct is then measured using one of our cts so that it will convert the five amp ratio ct’s output to a 0.333 vac signal:. Wattnode meters are available in seven voltage ranges up to 600 vac line-to-neutral. For carrier voltage above 600 vac, ability or voltage transformers (pts or vts) are used to step down the voltage to a decrease variety with a view to paintings with a wattnode meter. Pts are maximum normally used for 2400/4160 vac or higher electrical services, however additionally now and again for 575-six hundred vac three-section 3-twine delta circuits. In case you are the usage of a wattnode® for lonworks® meter, we offer alternative pt, which adds a configuration assets ucptptratio which configures the ratio of the external pt, allowing the meter to robotically scale the voltage, energy, and power readings. For different fashions, you can additionally use pts, but you'll want to scale the meter measurements via the pt ratio for accurate results.

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Including potential transformers has the impact of lowering the measured line voltage by way of the pt ratio (let’s say 35:1 for this case). So a voltage of 4200 vac will become one hundred twenty vac. For the reason that meter sees a hundred and twenty vac, a few of the measurements it reviews might be low through a element of 35 except they may be scaled up by way of 35.

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