Lambretta 12 Volt Wiring Diagram

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Best Lambretta 12 Volt Wiring Diagram Casatronic Ignition Lambretta Wiring Diagrams (English Version)

Best Lambretta 12 Volt Wiring Diagram Casatronic Ignition Lambretta Wiring Diagrams (English Version)

Casatronic ignition Lambretta wiring diagrams (English Version) - Becoming commands: 1. Eliminate the original flywheel and stator, rectifier, zenor diode (if fitted) and h.T. Coil. Confer with the lambretta guide if essential for this manner. 2. Cozy the stator in to the magflange as ordinary, making sure that the studs that cozy the magflange to the engine, the bolts that relaxed the stator to the magflange and the clip that secures the stator wires do not sit down to proud, otherwise they may seize at the again of the flywheel. While becoming the stator additionally make certain which you do now not trap the stator wires, crushing them in opposition to the magflange and probable causing a short circuit. Healthy the stator so that the securing 10mm bolts are in the centre in their respective slots. Three. Presuming that your crankshaft taper is in right condition, suit a brand new woodruff key, after which slot the flywheel on. At this stage do no longer tighten.

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Placing the ignition timing: 1. You should turn the engine over via rotating the flywheel clockwise and locate t.D.C. 2. At the outer fringe of the flywheel at approximately two o’clock, you will locate an arrow; faucet a notch the use of a small chisel (or every other suitable sharp enforce) on the brink of the magflange proper opposite the arrow whilst the engine is at t.D.C. 3. Now, if you have a timing disc then relaxed it to the flywheel and flip the flywheel 21º anti clockwise, and again make a notch inside the magflange right contrary the arrow. In case you do now not have a timing disc then take a rule and degree 1 and 1/8 inch anticlockwise from the t.D.C. Notch and mark the magflange, again on the outer lip. 4. Now, in case you look at the window on the flywheel (at five o’clock), you'll see two small strains inscribed. Those traces should suit up exactly with the line at the black select up box on the stator, while the arrow at the flywheel is pointing on the 21º or 1 and 1/8 notch. If the two traces on the flywheel are in addition round then slacken the three 10mm stator bolts and flip the stator clockwise until the timing is correct. Secure the stator bolts. If the 2 lines on the flywheel are in front of the pick up box mark, then slacken off the 3 10mm stator bolts and turn the stator anticlockwise till the timing is correct. Secure the stator bolts. Now the timing is ready and could never alter. Five. Cozy the flywheel to 50 feet lbs. If the flywheel does now not turn freely then check for the cause (stator bolts, broken magflange, twisted crankshaft). Click the picture to enlarge6. Fit the unique flywheel dirt cowl and circlips. 7. The digital flywheel has larger cooling fins than the unique italian flywheel; consequently your authentic cowling won't in shape. You may ought to buy the later kind as suited for most people of indian g.P.??s. I do no longer suggest strolling the engine without the magazine cowling outfitted.

This statistics and the pics blanketed are furnished from the 'instructions for repair stores' for these models posted in 1963. It's far intended for informational functions and we might suggest in search of expert recommendation earlier than challenge some thing defined within the workshop segment.

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